A note from the P&F

Dear Parents and community at St Thomas’ Willoughby,

We wanted to share a brief update from our P&F meeting held earlier this week:

COVID & Home Based Learning:
Jenny’s update on the HBL program will be included in this week’s newsletter. There have been adjustments to HBL over the last few weeks and feedback from last week’s survey has been taken onboard to make some subtle changes to the program. We recognise that every family’s needs are different however daily attendance at St Thomas’ is still the highest in the Diocese. We encourage parents to continually review the requirements of their family and keep up to date with the guidelines provided by NSW Health to find the balance between HBL and sending their children to school.

Social Committee:
The trivia night held on June 5th was a great success. The event was sold out in under two hours and Club Willoughby was filled with over 180 parents dressed in the night’s sports theme. Thank you to the Year 1 parents for running the evening, we raised a significant amount of money for Letefoho. Once all costs have been finalised we will communicate the amount donated – at this stage it looks to be close to $15,000 which is a wonderful result to contribute to LETS.

We are looking to arrange an online social event for the school community and will be in touch with details soon.

Pastoral Care:
A very quiet term for donating meals and support to those in need in our school community. The lockdown has meant that there are far fewer conversations in the playground before/after school, sporting and other social events. We are conscious that there could be more families who could benefit from support and we encourage our community to maintain contact with their network and let the pastoral team/school know of those who we can assist. It is challenging for us to deliver food to families but the P&F can arrange vouchers for meals etc.

Details on the P&F can be found at the below website and committee member details are in the handbook attached.

Thank you,
St Thomas’ Willoughby P&F Executive

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