Are We There Yet?

I am sure that you are very busy in the lead up to the A&C show this weekend. The McGee Family, especially Amelia and Digby, have also been very busy working towards the show! The McGee Family are having a stall this year and Amelia and Digby have named it “Are We There Yet?”. The family have spent the past couple of months buying craft from towns in regional NSW and are very excited to offer it to St Thomas families to buy on Saturday and Sunday. They have tried to keep cost of all goods under $20 so hopefully kids can find something to buy with their pocket money. Their aim was to spend money in the bush and they hope that their stall will inspire St Thomas families to plan a road trip and travel to regional NSW and support drought impacted communities. They are putting a small margin on the goods and will be donating that to St Thomas. The McGee’s bravely set up their first Instagram page a couple of days ago – @arewethereyetstal

Amelia and Digby came up with the idea for our logo at the farm last month. In between feeding sheep, they spent time in the shearing shed with their Uncle Beeza and spray painted empty wool bags to bring to Sydney to use as stall decoration. Digby wanted to bring a full wool bale to put next to our stall for him to sit on with his friends! The logo reflects the writing used on the McGee family wool bags – Amelia’s idea! The kids have been very aware of the drought and the significant impact it is having on family and friends, especially their peers who live in the Central West

A couple of weeks ago, in Dubbo, they went to a Moorambilla concert – about 400 kids from NSW Far West who come together to sing – Michelle Leonard directs and is amazing. The music is written by Australian composers especially for Moorambilla. It is extraordinary. After the concert the kids were overheard talking about how the music and the songs were really sad this year – Amelia told Digby she thought she could hear the drought in the music. It is remarkable what children hear. I just read the long term forecast which does not predict rain out West until the middle of next year.

The kids asked if we could get some stickers printed of their logo for “Are We There Yet?”. I think they will be arriving tonight / tomorrow. They bring some to school to share in their classroom. I am sure they would welcome any opportunity to talk about what “Are We There Yet?” is all about and what it means to them.

I have attached a couple of things that show what the kids have been up to! Xenia exclaimed, “I cannot express properly how grateful people have been that we are ‘buying from the bush’, most people have asked if there is a way that they can thank the St Thomas community.” Maybe we should do this again next year!

Towns they visited and purchased from:

Armidale Brewarrina Cargo
Carinda Come by Chance Coonamble
Cookamidgera Dubbo Forbes
Molong Mudgee Narromine
Parkes Peak Hill Quambone
Tamworth Tenterfield Walgett