Art & About for Year 4

Year 4 children have ended the year immersing themselves in art and culture. And the children have loved it!

Last Wednesday we spent the day at Willoughby Arts Centre and the children were split into two groups: one doing drama activities and a performance based on the stories from the Willoughby local environment and the other ceramics, creating underwater creatures before swapping around after lunch.

With drama, the children were exposed to a lot of impromptu activities and ways to ignite their creativity. At one stage, an art teacher conducting a lesson below our morning drama group had to come up and ask the children to stamp about less as it was disrupting the creative flow of his adult students below. We heeded to some extent but not enough to dampen the children’s enthusiasm.

During ceramics, the highly qualified teacher showed us how to create a hollowed sphere using clay and how best to bind clay together, so it didn’t come off in the drying process. As the children were creating a puffer fish, this included bodily items such as teeth, eyes and spikes. The works will dry at the gallery before being fired in holidays.

This Monday we took the children the city. Walking up Martin Place was a treat as many were taken by the magnitude and decorations of the Christmas tree at the Pitt St end. We then made our way up to the State Library of NSW and were taken on a tour of the Mitchell wing before seeing the newly opened Children’s library and then ending at the current Aboriginal Living Languages exhibition. The children were truly awed by the surrounds of the library and the sheer volume of books – 6 million and counting.

Perhaps the best part of the day was watching the children run through The Domain en route to the Art Gallery of NSW. Free and unleashed. While in the gallery they viewed the current Quilty and Kaldor exhibitions and ended at the Aboriginal Yiribana Gallery. To say they were engaged is an understatement.

The endless chit chat with friends to and from the train stations (Chatswood and Wynyard) was also priceless as many will leave our school at the end of the week. A good send off and a way to consolidate our learning over the past term.