Book Week – Author Lisa Shanahan visits

On Wednesday 21st  August (to celebrate Book Week) the students were visited by author Lisa Shanahan who “is an award-winning writer of picture books and fiction for young people.”

Lisa spoke to the students about her passion as an author and her inspirations for her stories. She always carries a journal in which she records moments or words which she then incorporates into her stories. She entertained and engaged the students with her own personal stories which were also inspirations for her writing.

Lisa continually referred to stories as being powerful in that they can change the way we think, feel and believe. These thoughts certainly reflect the theme of this year’s Book Week theme:” Reading is my Secret Power.”

Thank you to Lisa for sharing her expertise with us all and maybe she will be the inspiration for some budding young writers from St Thomas school who remember her words-“Words are my tool!”

Kathie Wray (Teacher Librarian)