Cope Street Crew Visit Yr 5 & 6

This week, Cope St Crew visited Stage 3 to see how preparations were going before filming commences in Week 7. The daily program consisted of an introduction game, brainstorming of what makes a good story, (exciting start, plot, story structure, theme, emotion, conflict, tension build-up, dynamic dialogue, humour, intrigue, new ideas and skim the boring), recording ideas that need to be included in a documentary, types of documentaries/examples, exploring the equipment used in documentaries, (recorder, boom microphone, clapper board and zoom box) and we finished the day with the crew supporting the groups to edit and complete their storyboards and scene-by scene- break downs.

A great day was had with lots of very useful tips and information to help the students to create their films.

We appreciate the support that Cope St Crew are providing the Stage 3 students. There were some difficult concepts and advanced technical information to grasp, and all Cope St Crew teachers said that the students were really focussed and engaged. “I think they have some great ideas, especially considering that documentaries are much harder to plan than narrative films”.

The students now need to work on dramatisation, voiceover and mock interview scripts in class.

We can’t wait for the shoots!