Family Celebrations at St Thomas

As the season of Easter is drawing to a close I thought it was timely to reflect on the moving celebrations that have occurred.

A few weeks ago Year 4 participated in the Family Mass with the Parish.  The students learnt a new song for the time of Thanksgiving following Communion.  A number of students also learnt a series of moves to accompany the song.  It truly was a joyous moment that revealed to us the joy of the Easter Season.

Last week it was Stage 3 who attended the Family Mass with the Parish.  Again the students led us in prayer and in song which the parish love as they are enriched by the joy of our students.

Thank you to the many parents who have assisted in the celebrations, be it by supporting the morning tea, presenting the gifts during mass with your family or even by bringing your child to the Mass.

Let’s keep the spirit of joy alive as we move towards the great feast of Pentecost this Sunday.

Liz Jones – REC Coordinator