Feeling Blue? Play With Blue!

Feeling blue? Play with Blue!

By Edward L

St Thomas principal Mrs McKeown has purchased new play equipment for the playground to get students learning while having fun. Called the Big Blue Blocks, they are a set of 105 foam blocks including wheels, tubes, poles and squares that need a clever mind to work with.

Mrs McKeown thinks that the blocks will help kids learn and get better with teamwork and sharing.

“It’s almost like project based learning out on the playground,” she said.

Mrs McKeown got the idea from a friend at Scots college who showed her a picture of his kids loving the blocks and thought Years 2 and 3 at our school would like it.

“Some people like to run around and play active games while others like to construct and build,” she said.

“I think it will be a great success,” she added.

The blocks will be trialled in Week 10. There might be a roster for the blocks when they are fully released to the whole school in Term 4.

Additional reporting by Bianca C