Final Cope Street Crew Session

Well, the day finally came when the Cope St. Crew were able to return for one final session with Stage 3 to complete what has been an amazing experience for all the students. They have enjoyed learning about town developments and how they have changed the local environments, either in a positive or negative way for the surrounding community. The students especially loved being able to learn more about the filming process, the equipment used and then seeing their efforts come together as a final product. Here is a little of what their final session with the Cope St. Crew involved;

*editing with archive footage to cover up jump cuts to compliment their own editing

*including credits

*animating images

*removing interview errors

*completing their editing on Wevideo.

Thanks again to Holly, James, John, Cil and Ibby for your guidance, patience and support in making these projects with Stage 3.

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