Fiver For A Farmer

On Monday 13th August our school took part in the fund raising effort for drought affected farmers across NSW and parts of QLD.  St Thomas was one of many schools across the Diocese of Broken Bay that were raising money for the drought relief.

For Mr James Edwards the Yr 6 Teacher at St. Thomas the drought is real and devastating.  James’ family own a property called Markdale, located just outside the small town of Binda in NSW about an hour from Goulburn.

“It has becoming increasingly tragic to see how dry the land is out there as we drive from Sydney’s west – dams are shrinking and there is not much grass for animals to eat” Mr Edwards said.

So far his property has been relatively lucky to date and has not suffered the worst of the drought, but that’s one of the reasons he wanted to get behind this campaign.

“So many people are doing it tough outside the city – our farmers are the people who grow our food and cultivate the wool in our jumpers. Buying food for the livestock or circulating donations within the communities through the local shops will do wonders.” It’s important the kids at St Thomas understand the diversity of Australia, especially outside the big cities. I’d encourage anyone to get involved or get out to see it for themselves” said James.

The school of  335 children and staff have raised over $1870.  The money will go to Drought Angels and Rural Aid who support farmers in many ways.