From Jenny

What a start to the term!

Hectic is the understatement but we are hanging in there and doing the best we can. I would like to sincerely thank you all for trying to make the best of what seems an impossible situation. Everyone has had to accept that things are going to be different in lockdown.

Some differences are great and remind us of what is really important in life, family, relationships and simple things like going for walks. Some things are more difficult like to trying to hold Team and Zoom meeting while juggling kindergarten readers, hungry or distressed kids and technology overload when everything collapses.

The emails to explain how things are going for you whether good or bad help us to modify what we are providing each week. We can’t achieve a perfect provision not please everyone, but we will keep tweaking what we do within the constraints as many classes still have more than half the cohort attending which requires two teachers per group. The cards from the children and their eager faces on meetings has only firmed our resolve to get this lockdown done and over with.

At this point 98% of the feedback we have received has been very positive and the remainder have given us some challenges for which we aim to find work-arounds.

You will notice some additional offerings for support from teachers over the next week. Unfortunately, teachers cannot supervise students, teach on-line and prepare upcoming work. Additionally, some teachers are also managing homebased learning for their own children.

I would like to share some feedback we have received:

Just to let you know you’ve brought great fun and laughter to our house with the emoji story activity. ***** is helping ***** and I haven’t seen them so happy doing their work until this point.

Great way to end the week thank you!!

I am aware that other schools are conducting their home-schooling via online lessons over Zoom where students receive instructions direct from the teacher and can ask for assistance as and when they need it. Surely this would lessen the burden on the parents who are doing the home-schooling, even if it was just for part of the day? Could this please be considered by the school?

Thanks for the fun zoom meeting this morning,   ****** liked to see you and all her friends.

Sorry I missed your call yesterday I was on a work call, ****** is doing well with her school learning, our goal is to do it first thing in the morning while her mind is fresh and ready to concentrate, tick everything off then we can go for a swim.

Thanks for organising everything, see you on a zoom on Thursday 😉

Some feedback…..***** is sooooooooo happy – she was busting to get back to school to be busy. Lockdown holidays were not that appealing …more like Groundhog Day.  Even though she would much prefer to be in the classroom, your format for home based learning is working. She loves it – it’s the next best thing! Martha particularly loves the morning update you do. The Daily Journal is a winner too. You have got her totally engaged – well done.

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