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Compass Reminders

While we understand the reasons families decide to take leave during term time the Diocese has a ‘Learning Every Day Counts’ campaign to promote the reality of student compulsory attendance and the need to strongly encourage families to travel in school holidays which are very generous.

Therefore, our School policy is that all leave during the school term will be listed as unapproved/unjustified.

Partial Absences

If your child arrives after 9.05am please call the office and the office staff will enter the late arrival at the kiosk in Compass. Please DO NOT enter a note yourself as this causes issues within the system which then need to be manually overridden.

Full Absences

The system will send you an SMS alerting you to your child’s absence if they have not arrived by 9.40am. This message will still be sent even if you have sent an email as it is automated. The link in the SMS will allow you to immediately enter the reason why your child is absent. If you do not complete this on the day the absence an Attendance Notification – Student Not Present will be listed in your child’s profile. Please check this area regularly to ensure that you have no outstanding notifications.

Here is a link to the most recent Compass Parent Guide