From The Assistant Principal

As you would all now be aware we have introduced a new system at St Thomas – Compass. This system has the ability to do a number of things that have previously been done by a number of different systems. We are hopeful that eventually Compass will be the go to place for all our communications, attendance and reporting needs. We hope you can appreciate that during this introductory phase we will come across teething problems from our perspective and yours. As we are learning we are noticing things that require adjustments and we understand that this can seem frustrating when the existing systems in place were working well.

Compass is being introduced Diocesan wide for both Primary and High Schools and it is already in use in other Dioceses. It is planned that at a date to be decided on SchoolStream will cease to be used and Compass will be the central point for communication.

The Diocese is also updating its attendance policies at this time. You would be aware that previously extended leave has been at the principal’s discretion depending on previous leave applications and attendance records.

While we understand the reasons families decide to take leave during term time the Diocese has a ‘Learning Every Day Counts’ campaign to promote the reality of student compulsory attendance and the need to strongly encourage families to travel in school holidays which are generous.

The policy now is all leave during the school term will be listed as unapproved/unjustified.

Peta Herschderfer – AP

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