From the Assistant Principal

From the Assistant Principal

Welcome back and if you are joining our school community here at St Thomas’ welcome! Everything is in place for a fabulous 2020.


We have had a bumpy start to the New Year with Compass and I appreciate how understanding you have all been. Again, this application has been selected for use in Catholic Schools across New South Wales and I suspect we are not the only school experiencing teething problems.

A reminder that Compass is a web-based system that is best accessed on a computer or ipad. If using a phone it is important to keep your app up to date at all times, as we continue to work to resolve issues as they arise. As I have mentioned previously phones particularly androids are still having some formatting issues so where possible if you can check on an alternate device. I am always happy to receive feedback on Compass.

St Thomas ‘Meet and Greet’

All classes – Tuesday 11 & Wednesday 12 February Except 3B and Year 6 will be on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 February

The purpose of our ‘Meet & Greet’ individual meetings is for you to have a short time to talk with us about your child. As your child’s primary educators and carers you know so much about your child that could be useful to us over the coming year.

Each meeting will be 10 minutes. It would be great if you could provide background information about your child. This information will help us in understanding your child’s needs as we work together. The link will be uploaded to Compass shortly.

Peta Herschderfer

Assistant Principal