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Fun Road Trip Math Games For Children

Road trip maths game 1: Creative Counting

Simple counting games are great for younger children, with lots of opportunities for counting things they see – trucks, red cars, blue signs etc…

This could be made more challenging by changing how many points each is worth, so children could count up in twos or threes etc…

Road trip maths game 2: Guess My Number 

This game can be easily adapted for any age.

Think of a number for the children to guess. Players have to ask questions that have a yes or no answer in order to identify the number.

For younger children they could be given a range within which the number falls, they call out a number and are given ‘higher’ or ‘lower until they reach it.

A more challenging version of the game would be to give players a range of clues, e.g. If the number was 50, they could give the clues ‘It’s an even number’. ‘it’s divisible by 2, 5, 10 and 25’, ‘it’s equal to two quarters’. You could also require that the questions the children ask are of a similar nature eg ‘is the number divisible by 3?’ , ‘does the number end in a 7’ etc.

Road trip maths game 3: Guess My Rule

An alternative to guessing the number, in this game players have to try and guess the rule.

Players give a number whilst the person leading the game applies a mystery rule and tells the players what the new number is.

For example: If the rule is multiply by 10, one player would give the number, e.g. 37 and they would be given the answer once the rule has been applied, so in this instance they would be given the answer of 370.

Road trip maths game 4: The 21 Game

This is a fun strategy game, played with two or more players, who take it in turns to count up from 1.

Each player can call out one, two or three consecutive numbers, before it moves to the next player to carry on counting up.

The player who ends up saying ‘21’ is out of the game. The game then continues, counting back up from 1 to 21, until there is only one person left. They are the winner.

Have a restful and relaxing holiday.

Peta Herschderfer – AP

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