From the Principal

Finally our first aid box for basketball has arrived. We have had it installed above the sink outside the church. All teams can use the materials inside it when injuries occur. We would ask that when a  significant piece of equipment or the last of any item is used that you email so that it can be replaced.

Art & Craft Show & P & F AGM

What a triumph in human endeavour the Art & Craft Show was yet again this year. Our community is really exceptional. Thank you to you all, no matter how small your contribution was this time, every little bit counts.

As is done every year the total profit will be announced at the P & F AGM next week if all of the known invoices have been received and paid. As was approved by the committee at the P & F AGM 2018 the residual funds from P & F donations over the last 4 years and this coming year’s profit will be put towards the work of the School Advisory Team- Agile Learning Spaces (SAT-ALS). Discussions have commenced with the Head of Finance at the Catholic Schools Office regarding the costing and works timeline for the work of the SAT-ALS. Stay tuned for updates from the team.

The excitement built as last week progressed. By Friday afternoon the children could not think or speak of anything else.

It was wonderful to see new families, current families and the families of ex-students all here for a visit. Each morning arriving to the aroma of the spit starting up and the stall holders begining to set up for the day felt very village like.

Over the years committees have tried to maintain what worked and modify what didn’t and progressively the show has grown and changed. There are not two shows which have stayed the same. Not all changes work.

I know that as a staff community and a parent community we are grateful for the money raised each year.