From the Principal

Welcome back to the new school year. I would like to thank you all for your participation in the Opening School Year Mass on Sunday. We have truly started our journey with God to go forward in faith. It was wonderful as a school principal to stand on the church verandah and look out over the morning tea with Fr Brian and see how many people were able to join us. I also am aware that many families who would have been with us had a sporting event that day.

Our walk with God
is never a lonely walk,
for he walks with us,
on a track that leads
to a glorious destination.

Our three lovely Kindergarten classes started last Friday and have settled in quite smoothly. We still have a few issues at morning assembly and afternoon dismissal which I am confident we will iron out over the next few school days.

With 72 children in Kindergarten it is impossible for all parents to remain visible to their child in the undercroft area, which blocks the passage for other children to get to their class lines. I know that this is important to you so I suggest that you pick another spot around the outside of the playground, possibly against the Horsley Ave fence, and take your child over to it and make sure they know where you will be in the morning when they go to lines.

In the afternoon please don’t stand in the corridor children use to get to dismissal lines. I will dismiss all of the other classes in the process I have been using. This allows children to go to Kiss and Ride, After School Care and busses in an organised fashion which teachers can monitor. Then the older children are dismissed. Those with siblings in Kindergarten are asked to wait till we dismiss Kindergarten to take their sibling. Kindergarten carers will be asked to come forward class by class (KW first, then KY and KB) again so that teachers can see who collects each child.

With that process in mind it would be ideal if you again find somewhere to sit away from the ramp and undercroft and wait till I call you to collect your child. Please don’t call your child to you as it is impossible for the teacher to manage. Come over to the line, take your child’s hand and make eye contact with a staff member. If this process is followed all children will be delivered to you safe and sound.

Our additional specialist classes all started this week with Years 3 – 6 doing Italian all year. Kindergarten to Year 6 have specialist Art lessons either once a week in Kindergarten and Year 1 or a double length lesson once a fortnight from Year 2 onwards. Scope IT will again commence Coding and electronics sessions this week. Each class has one lesson per week for 1 term each year.

Diary Dates

Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 February – Meet and Greet (All classes except 3B and Yr.6)

Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 February – 3B and Year 6

Monday – Wednesday 10-12 February – Yr.6 Camp

Saturday 15 February – St Thomas Welcome Party @ 7:00pm

Sunday 1st March – Year 3 Family Mass @ 9:30am

Tuesday 3rd March – Cluster Swimming Carnival