From the Head

P & F Meeting Tonight

We are now over the half way point in Term 1 which seems almost impossible. We still have lots of events to come so I feel sure that we will feel like we have blinked and come to the end of the term. Tonight is the first Parents & Friends meeting for 2020 and it would be great to see a crowd there tonight.

Ready to learn all day every day

Our educational agenda for 2020 is – At St Thomas we aim to be ready to learn all day every day. With this in mind I have now met with each teacher to discuss the needs which they have identified in their class.

The next task is to coordinate the various highly skilled professionals we have at our disposal to best support the teacher in meeting the needs of each child whether they be gifted or challenged, inattentive, anxious or a perfectionist.

Some children do not eat the beautiful food they are given for school or pressure parents to send in food which is not nutritionally what their body needs. Making sure that children come to school refreshed after a good night’s sleep also can be a challenge. A tired child finds the classroom learning and social dynamics very challenging.

If you need support in managing any of these areas please let us know. We are all in this together.

Enrolments for 2021

We are commencing enrolments for 2021 and focusing on sibling interviews first. If you are intending to send your child to St Thomas next year please request an enrolment pack from the office and then book in for an interview.

Upcoming Dates

Broken Bay Diocesan Swimming Carnival 10 March 6pm Mingara

Open Days for enrolments 2021 10, 11 and 12 March 9:30 -12

Crazy Day 13 March Gold Coin collection for Caritas.

Cross Country 16 March Willoughby Oval

Grandparents’ Day Open Classrooms, Mass and morning tea 20 March

School Photo Day 23 March

Primary Student Environment Leaders Day March 31 Taronga Zoo

Year 6 Family Mass April 5 9:30