From the Principal

Return to normalcy not as easy as we thought

All the advice we received regarding the return to school for children who had been in HBL seemed not to have eventuated, the children seemed to settle in well. Now we are in the third week of the return to full time school attendance and we are seeing some unusual patterns of behaviour.

Children are finding it difficult to remember, or when reminded, comply with the school rules and behaviours. Simple things like not running through the undercroft, which requires running games to be played either on the front playground or the back playground, not between them, seem a step too far.

Please reassure your children and try to get them to school settled each morning. A simple plain breakfast and no television is a great start. We are trying a few different methods of settling the students once they are in class to assist as well.

School uniform is looking a little lack lustre. Ties seem to have disappeared during lockdown and shirts can’t be tucked in.

The pile of lost property collected off the playground each day is staggering. We are trying to return it to class tubs each morning so that it can be reunited with its owner but more than 50% of the time there is no name on items or the name is that of a child who left the school and is now in senior secondary school. I would ask that parents ensure that all items of clothing are clearly named to assist us in this task.

Wellbeing Week

This week is wellbeing week and yesterday was pyjama day. Thank you to everyone for managing this for us. The wellbeing team from Yr 6 have a great plan for the week.

2021 Enrolments

I have conducted 33 new family enrolments with another 14 this Friday (3) and Saturday (11). We will be having an additional kindergarten class again in 2021. We have 88 enrolments for kindergarten 2021 and are receiving enrolments now for other grades.

Repairs & Maintenance

The insurance work needed has been very slow to progress as obtaining the additional quotes is very slow. One contractor has visited the site four times, weeks apart, and we are yet to receive a quote. We are staying positive and are eager to have work conducted during the upcoming holidays.

A new all-weather cover is being made the cost of which is covered by insurance. While the cover is off the structure, cleaning and repainting of the steel work will be undertaken.

Promotional Video

Last week we had a new promotional film made for our website. It was really exciting to watch the first edit. A finalised version has just come through please click here to view it.

Welcome St St Thomas CPS Willoughby 2020