From the Principal

The Parent Handbook has the uniform list and can be found on School Stream and on our Website:

All items except Skorts can be bought in store at Lowes, 346 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood or Lowes on-line


Nest week is the week when all Year 3 and Year 5 primary school students in Australia will engage with the NAPLAN tests. These tests are a useful snapshot in time providing teachers and parents with an idea of how each child’s learning is developing on the outcomes tested.

The NAPLAN test this year will be completed online for all Year 5 tests. Writing will still be completed using pen and paper for Year 3 students but otherwise papers will be completed online. Students in Year 5 have been set a touch typing program for homework this year in order to prepare them. All devices have had grammar and spell checker disabled.

NAPLAN is not something which children should fear. It is a chance to see where they are at. It will not effect any child’s long term future. If they relax and try to enjoy the experience they will undoubtedly do their best.