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School Advisory Team – Agile Learning Spaces UPDATE

In 2020 St Thomas will be bigger than it has been in the last 20 years. The demand for the broad ranging, rigorous enquiry approach practised at St Thomas across a range of key learning areas, is seen as a major strength when compared with other schools.

Our second School Advisory Team – Agile Learning Spaces meeting was held last Thursday morning before school. Teachers have shared their desires for the future shape of learning spaces, clearly identifying the need for student work spaces to be varied but purposeful.

Our next task is to visit a range of schools to view their learning spaces and generate some discussion for the team, hopefully allowing us to bring in some prototype furniture to trial early next year.

Our architect Caroline Hart is pooling the ideas generated so far for modifications to the use of the current classrooms. These ideas will then be used to create a structural changes possible, particularly on the top corridor, to enlarge the learning space available to those three classrooms, into a master plan for us to view over the next few meetings.

The process from there is not a fast one even if we have all of the money required to carry out the work. If decisions can be made about the structural changes needed and the quoted costs, this then needs to be submitted to Facilities at CSO who will decide if the work can progress along the approval process. The next step is to seek permission from the Parish Priest, the Chair of the Parish Missionary Council and the Chair of the Parish Finance Committee and finally the Dean of the North Shore Deanery, the Bishop (if we have one) or the Administrator and the Director of the CSO.

I know that level of oversight sounds tedious but it ensures that the money conserved from school running costs and money raised by parents appropriately used for the long term benefit of the school.

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