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Plenary Council Update

This year is the Year of Discernment 2019

The journey of Plenary Council 2020 continues, following a Year of Listening (2018)  in which the Diocese of Broken Bay emerged as the fourth highest responding diocese in the country and the highest responding diocese in Australia in proportion to the number of parishes.

As we journey towards Plenary Council 2020, with session 1 due to be held in Adelaide in October 2020, we are now well and truly in the phase of Discernment. This phase offers time for us to work with the National Themes of Discernment and discern how we might respond to them both nationally and at a local level.
Parishes and the CSO Broken Bay have resources available to assist in this process and we have been encouraged to share these resources with you so that you may access these materials for your community.  Below is a link to the diocesan site for information regarding the Discernment phase.

Staff Spirituality Day

As you will be aware, the last day of this term has been earmarked for the staff spirituality day.  Each year schools in the diocese are asked to support the ongoing formation of staff in Mission and Religious Education.  This year we will be retreating to Peter Canisius House for a day reflecting on the recent document – A Framework for Mission in Catholic Education produced by the National Catholic Education Commission.  Our day will centre on the gift of Grace and how we in our personal and professional life can be people of grace for others.

I just thought I would leave you with a few quotes from Pope Francis. I’m sure it can also be said of us as parents too as we are the first educators of our children in faith.

In a world where it is already difficult for kids to find a decent point of reference, they must find positive guidance from teachers, who “are able to give meaning to school, studying and culture, without reducing it all just to passing on practical knowledge,”

 “You have to teach not just about a subject, but also life’s values and habits” because when it comes to learning about a subject, “a computer is sufficient, but to understand how to love, to understand what the values and habits are that create harmony in the world, you need a good teacher,” he said.

The pope encouraged teachers to renew their love for humanity because “you can’t teach without passion” and he asked they be “witnesses of life and hope. Never, ever close the door, open all of them wide so that students will have hope.”

Pope Francis: Kids need values, hope from teachers

Mar 16, 2015

by Carol Glatz, Catholic News Service