From the REC

This term the teachers in Kindergarten to Year 2 are exploring ways to enrich the teaching of Scripture with the students.  This work of renewing the teaching of Scripture in the Religious Education units has been undertaken by the Catholic School Office in recent months so that the students can reflect more deeply on what God is saying to them through the sacred texts of the Bible. Many strategies are used to assist students to draw more deeply to God’s Word. In Kindergarten the children have participated in hearing several stories from the Book of Genesis come alive through the use of the ‘Godly Play’ model of sharing Scripture.  In response to the Scripture of the story of Noah, Kindergarten has engaged in a contemporary form of illuminating the manuscript.  In doing this the students reflect on the story and create an image that enables the text to ‘come alive.’

Please enjoy a few samples of the children’s work via these two links!