Journalism – Mike Munro visits Yr 4

Research. Research. Research. These were the three golden rules of quality journalism according to our very engaging Year 4 guest speaker MIKE MUNRO

Mike has been a presence in Australian journalism for many decades making a name for himself on popular shows like A Current Affair and 60 Minutes.

He told the children how his background – being raised by his mother and growing up poor – has always inspired him to do stories that empowered the lowly.

Mike also said that with the prestige of some of the programs he worked on came a lot of influence and power, something he wasn’t always comfortable with. He gave an example of how an elderly lady living in housing commission flat once called him to help her as she had a uneven carpet, causing a trip hazard and a window that she couldn’t open. Nobody ever listened to her complaints. A phone call by Mike to the relevant government department had maintenance men knocking on her door the next day to fix her apartment.

Although he used that influence for good in that case, he said it was something that resonated with him and the, at times, significant power that sits within journalists.

The children, who are dong a English unit on news writing, asked many questions ranging from whether he ever was influenced by Kerry Packer to write certain stories to whether there were any stories he was particularly proud of.

Howard Dahdah – Teacher 4Y