Kindy Farm Visits St Thomas

Kinder were visited by some very friendly animals from Golden Ridge Farm. Much patting and feeding went on and all had a great experience. A few of our senior students snuck in to grab a cuddle or pat with the animals!

They brought with them lambs, kids, chicks, ducklings, rabbits, a chicken and a rooster. The children were hoping to see a bull, but he had to stay at the farm.

The farmers taught the children many new facts about the farm animals, farm products and places on the farm, and the children were able to hold the baby animals, bottle feed the baby goats and hand feed the lambs.

The children asked lots of great questions during question time, and enjoyed dressing as farmers for the second time this term.

We had a great time at our incursion and have already begun applying what we learnt during classroom activities.

Carolyn Curtin & Peter Marando – Kindergarten Teachers


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