At St Thomas the teaching of Mathematics is based on the NSW Board of Studies K-6 Mathematics Syllabus. An effective whole school approach to numeracy at St Thomas Catholic Primary School includes…

School and Classroom Organisation

  • Differentiation of programs and learning experiences through open and parallel tasks, student groupings and effective use of concrete materials.
  • Dedication of an uninterrupted numeracy block including a warm-up, lesson core and a plenary.
  • Use a range of appropriate resources including ICLT.

Assessment and Monitoring

  • Diagnostic assessment, including the Mathematics Assessment Interview, to create a whole school picture, develop school based targets and to inform teaching programs.
  • Effective feedback and reporting to parents and students that is explicit, clear and supported by evidence.
  • Ongoing school-based assessment based on multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate what they know and can do within a range of contexts.


  • Identification process informed by an understanding of the growth points in numeracy and achievement standards.
  • Intervention programs facilitated by EMU specialists in response to identified student needs.
  • Support for classroom teachers from the Numeracy Coordinator and EMU Leaders in differentiating classroom programs to optimise student growth.

St Thomas participates in the Mathematics Olympiad each year with children drawn from Years 4 to Year 6.

Kindergarten Orientation Pack

Handfuls & Tug-of-War Games

Handfuls Game – Instruction Sheet

Tug-of-War Game – Instruction Sheet



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