Teaching and learning of PDHPE at St Thomas School is based on the NSW Board of Studies K-6 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Syllabus.

At St Thomas School we ensure that a well-balanced program is provided for the children. Each class participates in Physical Education lessons covering a range of curriculum topics and Sport lessons focusing on skills, games and activities organised by the class teacher. A Physical Education teacher provides specialist tuition. This key learning area is an important part of the teaching curriculum at St Thomas because it is concerned with the development of the student as a whole person. The teaching content aims to encourage an understanding and valuing of self and others, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, and an emphasis on informed decision making leading to effective and responsible actions.

The Personal Development and Health component of this Key Learning Area are implemented by teaching staff using a program developed by personnel from the Catholic Schools Office. The program is developmental in nature and reflects Catholic Church teachings in this area. The teaching of the physical education component is complemented by lessons taught by outside specialists. PDHPE involves students in Years K-6 developing their skills in:

  • acquiring knowledge and understanding
  • applying Catholic beliefs to decision making
  • their ability to make informed decisions about health and lifestyle
  • social responsibility
  • personal fitness
  • fundamental movement skills

The School’s ‘PDHPE Policy’ documents our beliefs, strategies and processes for effective teaching and learning in this Key Learning Area.

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