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Grandparent’s Day – THIS Thursday 21 March: BOOK DONATIONS

We welcome Grandparents to make a donation towards our Big Book collection on Grandparents Day this Thursday 21st March.

A sample of books will be available to view on the day in the Library.

For those Grandparents unable to attend, they may still wish to make a donation of any amount towards our Big Book collection! If so, please complete the Google Form here and fill in Grandparent’s Name(s), the Grandchild’s/ren’s  Names(s) a Contact Number and Payment details either; enter Credit Card or use QKr (instructions here)

Donations will contribute to the purchase of new big books to use in our classrooms.

A sticker will be placed in the book stating your contribution to St Thomas, and is very much appreciated.

Please submit this form by Friday  22nd  March in order for us to finalise book purchases.

Thank you for your support.


Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to the following students for ALREADY completing the PRC. They have been busy readers since the beginning of the summer holidays.

Kindy: Abigail J, Year 1: Georgia H, Year 2: Sanjay W, Catherine W, Year 3: Lachlan M, Year 4: Madeleine M, Ethan M, Charlotte T, Ollie M, Rose T, Year 6: Alannah Carey

The PRC closes on August 30th. There is still plenty of time to read, then log in the books. Books read to Kindergarten – Year 2 by me or class teachers will be logged by us to assist, however it is important that these children’s reading done at home is logged by parents.

There has been a slight hiccup with new passwords that were generated this year. If you are still having trouble logging in, please email me directly on

Library lessons

Kindergarten has their borrowing session on Mondays, and their library lesson on Wednesdays. All other classes have their borrowing session and lesson together in a 40 minute block on

Tuesdays (3Y, 3B, 4B, 2Y, 2B, 1Y, 1B) and

Wednesdays (6Y, 6B, 5, 4Y)

Please remind your children to pack their library bags and books in their bags for the sessions. So far this year, I have been very impressed with the amount of borrowing and the choices that children have been making.

Structure of lessons

Our lessons start with Book Club, where children discuss the books that they’ve borrowed with their classmates. This is to give children practise with critiquing as well as giving other ideas of what to read next. Borrowing takes place after this, followed by lessons where children learn skills based on research, IT or literature.

Library bags

If your child doesn’t have a library bag, a waterproof, strong bag will suffice. If you would like to buy a school library bag, it is available from the uniform shop.

I look forward to continuing to work with your children in encouraging their reading journey.

Talin Ekmekjian / Teacher Librarian / ICLT Coordinator

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