Library Lines

Congratulations to the following students for completing their PRCs.

Year 1

Lachlan L

Year 2

Azalia F

Grace W

Year 3

Natasha G

Sophie P

Amelia S

Year 4

Hugo G

Oliver H

Year 5 

Samantha W

Barely a month since it started, we now have 20 students who have completed their challenge. It is an impressive number.

As mentioned last newsletter, there was a mishap with the new passwords that were generated. If you are still having trouble logging on, please email me on

Grandparents’ Day Big Book Donations

Thank you for all the generous donations on Grandparents’ Day. We are now in the process of going through our existing big books to ascertain what needs replacing and the additional topics that need to be addressed. Once we have purchased the books, we will let you know.

Library Borrowing

It is a delight to listen to children talking about library books they have read to their friends. The best form of recommendation is word of mouth. I love it when children request to borrow a book because a classmate told them about it. The night before or the morning of their library day, ask your child which library book they enjoyed and have them justify their response.

It is also encouraging to see the range of books most children are borrowing. I have long been an advocate for picture books for all ages. Using a picture book to go on a humorous, or sometimes emotional, journey is a quick way for children to break away into an imaginary world and then return to their everyday lives. Appreciating the visual literacy in the illustrations and the forms of the words adds wealth to the children’s learning.

Thank you for your continued support of the library. It is a special privilege to work with your children in supporting their reading journey.