Life’s a Beach for Upper Primary

Splashing about at Manly beach on two warm Sydney days, all in the name of surf education. Who wouldn’t want to come to school?

“I was looking forward to this for most of the year,” said Charles G from 4Y. “It’s a day of fun”. Best of all for Charles, it’s two days!

Years 3-6 visited Manly beach last Friday and this Monday and completed a range of activities from dolphin diving and wading to taking paddle boards out in a rip and learning to safely coming back to shore. The program helps children be more comfortable in the surf and is also a different way of interacting with peers.

The change in abilities was noticeable. On Friday the children seemed more reserved and by Monday there was a lot more confidence with them just diving in a having a go.

“On Friday and Monday at Surf skills we did surf negotiation, body surfing and actual surfing! I thought it was fantastic and especially awesome!” – Finn M from 3B