Lights, Camera, Action…

The School Musical is finally here! The children and teachers have put their hearts and soul into practices in order to make the show an entertaining experience for all.

A special mention to Jorga Casamento for designing the musical’s program.

  • Tonight’s production is being professionally filmed and a link will be sent to families to download their free video once it has been edited and is available
  • Please refer to your child’s class note that was sent home or sent out by School Stream last week regarding costumes and drop/pick up locations
  • On Friday 14th children can arrive later to school up to 10am, and can wear Sport Uniform or whatever uniform works best for your family (it is NOT a Mufti Day)
  • If your child is arriving late there is no need to fill out a green slip (just go straight to class)
  • Students who usually have keyboards lessons at school on a Thursday will have their lessons on Friday

Whichever night you are attending, we hope you have a truly enjoyable time.

Jenny McKeown