Music News

On Monday, the Junior Choir performed a song at morning assembly to celebrate Book Week.

The song, called Feed Your Imagination, was about books and imagination and the choir had been practising it since the start of term.

The Junior Choir had been inspired to sing the song when they had heard it at the Eisteddfod earlier this year and thought it was really good.

“At the start we were really nervous, it felt like we were at Eisteddfod,” said Year 2 singer, Millie Mc.

“We were scared because our parents were watching,” said another singer, Azalia F.

It was not until Mrs Dumitru told the singers to be louder and have more actions, that they became more confident said Millie.

“I think they did pretty well,” said conductor Mrs Dumitru. “They had dictions, but they were shyer than at our rehearsals and had less movement and facial expression.”

Leading in to the performance, the choir had practised every Friday for 30 minutes.

Mrs Dumitru has experienced some fame herself recently with the choir she sings with, the Hummingsong Community Choirs, featuring on the TV show Australia’s Got Talent!

Written by Edward L (4Y)

Concert Band

A reminder that Concert Band have a performance coming up on Friday 13th September 7pm at Chatswood Concourse. Students need to be at the grass area at the Concourse in full school uniform by 6pm. A Google Doc was sent out via Music on School Stream with all the relevant information and permission form to be completed. Thank you to those parents who have already filed this in

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