Music News – Eisteddfod Choir

Music News

Last week both our Year 2 choir and Senior choir performed at the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod at Dee Why RSL. Both choirs sang beautifully and were given lots of praise and compliments from students and teachers of other schools attending.

For our Year 2 choir students, it was their first time singing in a large auditorium as a choir. They sang with all their hearts and did not appear to have stage fright at all! They were the first school to perform and should be congratulated on a wonderful performance. They then listened to all the other schools for over an hour and I must say they did St Thomas very proud with their wonderful listening and behaviour.

Our Senior choir have been working hard all year, giving up their lunch time each Thursday for rehearsing. I am extremely proud of the efforts they make each week. The adjudicator made comments such as “great musicality”, “good nuance and diction” and support of each other.  These were wonderful comments to see. Congratulations to you all!

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