NAPLAN off the scale !

Congratulations to our all of our teachers and the Year 3 and Year 5 cohort on wonderful NAPLAN results again this year.

Analysing NAPLAN scores is a task which happens in every school in Australia in late September. At St Thomas we always have some students whose results place them in the pointy end of the band rocket graph. It is slightly irritating not to know how far off the scale each child has achieved.

When I went into the online analysis tool available to schools, I discovered that in Writing the students in the pointy end of the band graph have been measured against the band criteria used for the next test, to say I was surprised is an understatement. While it is great that students, parents and teachers get a fuller picture of students achievements it also informs us about where to go in the future for all children.

The NAPLAN online testing will give us this information next year across all test areas.

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