National eSmart Week

 This week, St Thomas is taking part in National eSmart Week. eSmart is an initiative of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation and is all about building supportive and connected social environments both on and offline.

This is our chance to shine and show all the wonderful work we have done as a school community this year. At the start of this year, who would have thought that some school would be in remote learning, and spending more time online than ever before? Our school community has done an amazing job at adapting throughout this year.

This year’s National eSmart Week theme is Connecting Safely. This week celebrates the work schools have done to connect safely.

At the end of last week, you would have received a Compass notification from your child’s teacher outlining activities at home which support our eSmart learning.

St Thomas staff would like to thank our school community for all that you have done to ensure that our school has kept Connecting Safely in 2020!