Nominalisation in Year 5 Writing

On Thursday last week Mr Dahdah, our school’s literacy coordinator, came to visit Year 5 to talk about the use of nominalisation in our writing. Mr Dahdah explained how nominalisation is the act of changing verbs to nouns to make your writing sound more mature and professional. Some examples are discuss-> discussion, treat-> treatment or adapt-> adaptation. Before he visited us, the Year 5’s watched a video to get an idea of what nominalisation is all about so that we wouldn’t be confused (confusion) or puzzled (puzzlement).

One of the examples Mr Dahdah gave was from a child’s text. “I am worried because one day the politicians might explode a nuclear bomb and everyone will die a horrible death’. A nominalised text could read: “Concern has been expressed over the possible detonation of a nuclear device which could result in widespread mortality.”

We had a blast (intended pun) learning about nominalisation from Mr Dahdah and we learnt a useful skill to improve our writing.

By Martha S (5Y)