PBL News

With this week being earmarked as Well Being week at ST Thomas’ we felt that it was timely to revisit the PBL (Positive Behaviours for Learning) focus in our school.  Whilst we call these are school rules, we might also like to view them as positive guiding principles for the students that will enable them to be happy, safe and successful learners in the classroom, as well as engage effectively with others during social activities in the playground.  Nurturing our well being as well as developing skills in positive behaviour enable each person to reach for the best version of themselves.

Our PBL Rules are: –

Respect Self we achieve this when we are

  • being a good listener
  • learning and letting others learn
  • in the right place at the right time.

Respect Others we achieve this when we:

  • use safe and caring actions
  • include others
  • speak and act with kindness.

Respect Environment we achieve this when we:

  • care for property (classroom and school property)
  • care for our belongings.


Each fortnight a rule becomes the focal point for classroom teaching and for the PBL Award given on Friday at the end of the two weeks focus.

The current focus is:

Care for property [rubbish, water, trees, gardens, recycling]

Each class will discuss why it is a positive thing to care for the environment and how each person is called to care for creation.  Children will identify simple strategies that they can put in place to achieve this.

The PBL rules are supported by URStrong program which all students K-6 are participating in this term. The URStrong program aims to equip students with a common language to foster positive friendships and to assist in solving problems that arise in their friendships.

Link to PBL on school website  https://www.stwdbb.catholic.edu.au/student-wellbeing/positive-behaviour-for-learning/