P&F News & Welcome Party Roundup

P&F meeting – Wednesday 13 March 7 – 8pm

Please Join us! Everyone is welcome 🙂

Robbie McKegg        robynjanemckegg@gmail.com

Vanessa Mackett       vmackett@gmail.com

Charlotte Menzies     charlotte.menzies@gmail.com

Lisa Mayoh                lisamayoh@hotmail.com

From The Uniform Shop

Next Uniform Shop Open – Wednesday 3 April 8.30 – 9am

A big thank you for all the excellent condition donations that we have received. There are lots of good quality winter tunics available so get in early before Term 2 begins.

Kate Sheppard          katehsheppard@gmail.com

Fiona Thistlewood    fshailer@hotmail.com

Welcome Party

On Saturday 16th February, the 2019 Welcome Night took place at the school with great success. Over 200 parents and teachers attended the Picnic Races themed night in their finest racing attire (well apart from a few horse heads and rugby jerseys)  and a great ‘giddy up’ time was had by all.

A big thank you to everyone involved in putting this wonderful event together including the Year 3 volunteers for set up and clean up. A special mention to St Thomas Dad Keith Wootton for providing his generous time and effort towards the lighting and projected screen and local businesses Dose and Wellstone for their continued support of St Thomas events.