Post Musical

Musical: A Culmination of Years of Hard Work for the Leads

By Liliana, Evie, Sophie, Xavier, Estelle – Year 4

Many years of dreaming and hard work paid dividends for two stars of the musical The Mystery at Magpie Manor.

Jorja C and Ned C starred in the performances as Agatha Christie and Inspector Spectre. As Jorja has been acting from a young age and Ned took drama classes from Year 1 to Year 3, they were well suited for the roles.

“If I didn’t get a role I would have been quite upset as I have been acting from a young age,” admitted Jorja.

“I wanted to do the musical because I wanted to have fun and make new friends,” said Ned C who came to our school this year from Hong Kong.

Jorja and Ned auditioned for other characters but were happy with the roles they got. Jorja thought Agatha Christie suited her character because she is “loud and very talkative.”

Initially she thought of Magpie Mac or Lord Pica were more suitable “because I get to yell at everyone”.

Ned’s performance stood out because he was one of few males to perform in a lead role. “I think some of the boys were nervous and didn’t want the spotlight,” he said.

Jorja said although she “knew her lines well” she still felt “really nervous” before the performances. Ned agreed saying that he felt “relived” when the performances were over.



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