Principal’s Message

Everyone is a critic

A couple of weekends ago I read an article in the weekend paper which was simultaneously a review of John Marsden’s new book, ‘The Art of Growing Up’ and critique of modern parenting.

Parenting would have to be one of the most discussed and criticised life tasks we encounter. Everyone is happy to judge others and everyone is able to say what should be done to fix the problems encountered by other parents.

The suggestions/ answers start pouring in from the moment a new baby is born, usually before a parent is aware there is a problem to solve.

I do wish we could all just accept that:

  • All babies/ children/ teenagers/ parents are different.
  • All babies/ children/ teenagers/ parents change and that is okay.
  • No babies/ children/ teenagers/ parents are perfect.

If those statements sound familiar they are stolen from the wisdom of our URSTRONG friendship program.

In saying that I have only just started reading John’s new book and I do find his ideas interesting. I will defend my position though that to criticise from the outside is not helpful. Let’s support each other in what is a tough job whether you are a parent or a child.

Advanced Reasoning in Education – Think Global PBL

We hosted the group from Texas for three days last week and had the company of teachers from five other schools who for the second time this year took half of our staff and our visitors through the development of project based learning inquiry units for our Kindergarten to Year 2 classes for Term 4.

The aim of this school wide project based learning is to develop collaborative, critical problem solvers across a range of key learning areas while ensuring students learn all the core skills they need to be flexible productive members of society.