Raffle Ticket Selling

Only 3 Raffle Ticket Selling days left!

We know it’s a busy week but we still really need your help! We really appreciate your support!

Please sign up herehttps://signup.zone/Cmz7TLcjqiCS3cuQB

For this Saturday, 15 September we have the following 3 venues:

  • Year 1Y – Bunnings, Chatswood
  • Year 3Y – Northbridge, Plaza (Spaces available)
  • Year 5B and Year 6 – Pearsons Florist, Chatswood Chase

For this Sunday, 16 September we also have Pearsons Florist, Chatswood Chase.

You are welcome to sign-up to any day that suits. Sign up with siblings and/or sell together with friends.

For your planning DATES are below:

Date Class Venue
Saturday – 15 Sept Year 1Y Bunnings, Chatswood
  Year 3Y Northbridge Plaza
  Year 5B and 6 Pearsons Florist, Ground Floor, Chatswood Chase
Sunday – 16 Sept Year 5Y Pearsons Florist, Ground Floor, Chatswood Chase
Anyone who prefers Sunday Pearsons Florist, Ground Floor, Chatswood Chase
Saturday – 22 Sept Year KY High Street
  Year 2Y Castlecrag Quadrangle



3x $50 Vouchers to win – (i) Highest Individual Hours (Weekend Selling); (ii) Most Tickets Sold on Selling Weekends; and (iii) a lucky draw prize for participation. Be in it to win it!

2 Pizza parties to be won! A pizza party for the first and second class that brings all books back.

Please sign up herehttps://signup.zone/Cmz7TLcjqiCS3cuQB

Children to wear full winter school uniform. All monies raised go directly to supporting the school. In past years, money raised from the A&C Show have enabled the construction of the all-weather shade protection for the playgrounds.

Thank you very much to all the children who have helped sell raffle tickets with smiles and to the families and friends in our community who came to support and buy tickets. We really appreciate it.

Kind regards,
Raffle Ticket Committee – Felicity J. Margaret B., Lis E., Susi B-W.