School Uniform Survey

The colour of sports shoes to be worn with the sports uniform is again an issue. Many years ago early in my time as Principal at St Thomas the lack of compliance with the uniform policy by families at St Thomas was raised at a P & F meeting. The policy stipulated that sports uniform, which is worn on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by all children, included white sports shoes.

I spent some time looking into whether white shoes were available at a range of prices and available at a range of outlets. I found that to be the case so went about ensuring that the uniform was worn as stipulated by all children.

I have had some success in achieving the compliance required. Despite this each year a number of families choose to not comply.

Personally I think a uniform is a uniform and if you choose a school you choose to comply with the uniform policy. I am happy for the shoe colour to be discussed and a change implemented if needed to ensure compliance is less of an obstacle for a few families.

A few students and teachers have made suggestions for changes. They include moving to blue or black sports shoes. I can see blue shoes ranging from teal to navy. Black seems to be more uniform as a colour. Alternatively do we allow any colour as long as they are sports shoes?

The real issue is should we change the policy? I would like your opinion on this as time has passed and opinions and conditions may have changed. Obviously all current shoes can be worn till they wear out or your child grows out of them.

Please complete the linked survey so that a decision can be made.

Jennifer McKeown – Principal