Schoolwide Pyjama Party!

Monday and Friday school uniforms at St Thomas are uncomfortable, with neck buttons that choke you, and wrist buttons so tight that they make your hands go numb…

Nothing like the cosy warm pyjamas the students got to wear last Monday.

These comfy clothes were the dreamy start of Wellbeing Week, a week of fun, and relaxation.

Children wore a strange variety of pyjamas: Girls in unicorn onesies and pink gowns, while boys wore robes and button-up shirts.

They were surprised to find even Mrs. Herschderfer wearing a red dressing-gown!

“It was a fun idea we had instead of Mufti-day,” said Sophie D from the year 6 Wellbeing Team.

“We thought of Wacky Wednesday, chalk drawing, and even a bake sale!” .

Wacky Wednesday is an idea the team has where you wear mixed-up clothing. They hinted they might do that another time instead.

Wellbeing Week first started in 2016, with a different fun activity for every term. And of course, no homework!

By Ollie M 4Y

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