Social Justice Term 3

St Canice’s Kitchen, Rose Bay Whole School Outreach.

Weeks 5-9

St Thomas staff and community are passionate about supporting St Canice’s kitchen. St Canice’s provides refuge, companionship, food, hospitality and conversation for the most vulnerable within their community. Each class will be assigned a non-perishable food or toiletries that will be donated to St Canice’s. Visit website to find out more:

Below is a list of non-perishable foods and toiletries which each class can collect throughout Weeks 5-9. Students will have a box in each class where they can collect their donations.

KB – tuna tins (individual and self-opening)

KY – baked beans (individual and self-opening)

1B –  two minute cup noodles

1Y – liquid soap

2B – noodles / trail bars

2Y – tooth paste (small tubes)

3B – baby wipes (in small packets)

3Y – tooth brushes

4B – men’s underwear

4Y – ladies underwear

Year 5 – men’s socks

6B – ladies socks

6Y – shampoo