St Thomas 2020 Vinnies Donations for the Homeless

As we have done for many years, St Thomas will be donating goods to help the homeless. Vinnies will then provide the goods direct to homeless people in early December. Each grade has been assigned an item which will make life at least somewhat easier for those living on the streets. Please be aware that the smaller the better, as these goods will have to fit in backpacks etc.

Kindy: Small soaps (either bar or small body wash)

Year 1: Small shampoo – travel sized.

Year 2: Small nuts/snacks/trail mix etc.

Year 3: Small hand sanitiser.

Year 4: Shaving cream or disposable razors.

Year 5: Socks and jocks – mostly male needed.

Year 6: Small deodorants or tissue packs.

Staff: Feminine hygiene products and snaplock bags.

Christmas treats are also welcome too, but don’t feel obliged to provide anything extra. If you do provide a treat please be aware that chocolate will melt quickly so is not encouraged.

The donations will need to be in by Friday 27th of November as Vinnies will be sending out goods to the homeless in early December.

Thank you for your support in this important charity work.

Regards, The 2020 St Thomas Year 6 Social Justice Team