Student Science Investigation

On Monday, students in Year 5 conducted an experiment on matter. They were given instructions to investigate what the given materials would do after the steps of the experiment were completed. The equipment that they used were: tissue, a cup, a container, sticky tape and water. The task was to stick the tissue at the top of the cup and fill up the container halfway with water. Then they turned the cup upside down and pushed it into the container. The tissue at the bottom of the cup remained dry. Their next task was to repeat the experiment steps but tilt the cup on an angle while it was in the container. A large bubble rose to the top of the container. This was because the air escaped from the cup. After the experiment, students were told to draw a labelled diagram of what happened. It was nice to do an experiment out in the sun and learn about science and matter.


By Rose T and Lewis W (5B)



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