Student Wellbeing

Anti-Bullying Policy

St Thomas’ follows strict Anti-Bullying guidelines, as laid down by the Diocesan Catholic Schools Office.

The co-operation of students, parents and staff, together with the School’s Anti Bullying Policy and the School Code of Behaviour, recognise that a safe and friendly school environment is the aim.

Strategies to prevent bullying will fall within the following broad categories:

  • ‘moral education’ in the context of religious education, liturgies and assemblies;
  • ‘across the curriculum’ values teaching;
  • clear statements from staff about the nature and unacceptability of bullying;
  • teaching specifically related to bullying in the PDHPE curriculum;
  • teaching more positive ways of resolving conflict;
  • staff and students as role models;
  • provision of activities which develop a culture of caring for one another;
  • appropriate provision of counseling or other support services; and
  • provision of support for parents through information seminars, support networks etc..


Bullying is viewed as a breach of the School’s behaviour code. Any reports of bullying will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken. The response to bullying will provide:

  • guidance and other support for the victim; and
  • appropriate and consistent sanctions and support for the bully.

All initial cases of bullying will be dealt with by the respective class teacher/homeroom teacher who will keep the Assistant Principal/ Principal informed.


Anti-Bullying Policy
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