Surf Ed – As told by students

By Cleo M

“Crash! I ran into the freezing cold water all the big and small waves’ crashed into me. The sound of the crashing waves was smashing against me like a sound of thunder. The feeling of the ice cold water created a freezing sensation covering my body like a blanket. When a wave would crash over me an ice cold wave would flood me. The cold wind hit me as soon as I stepped out of the crashing waves. You can barely hear anyone over the sounds of the rough waves crashing onto the sandy shore. The waves crashed over me sometimes making me lose my balance making me crash down under the strength of the waves”.

By Maddie T: My Amazing Experience at Surf Ed

“As we walked onto the soft sand, I could hear the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach, and could feel the water wash up, and go past my feet. I was getting more and more excited to go and start my surf Ed. Excitement filled the air as my peers and me were about to run into the refreshing salt water.

As the day went along, the clouds were getting as dark as midnight, and the waves were getting more and more strong. The currents were getting more powerful, and everyone was shivering from the cold weather. As the weather was getting stronger, the ocean was getting colder.

The feeling of getting out, and sliding onto the warm sand, was the best feeling. The sand was soft and smooth, and almost felt like a cloud. Everyone was touching the smooth sand and letting it trickle through our fingers.

The day was winding up, and our journey was coming to an end, and we all couldn’t wait to come back on Monday, and continue our amazing experience at Manly, and continuing our Surf Ed”.

By Sabina B: My Exciting Experience At Surf Ed

“The waves were crashing against my knees as I stepped into the water. My kneecaps were felt like I was standing in Antarctica. I could feel the smooth, slimy seaweed against my legs, making my blood run cold. I stood there, my feet drowning into the soft, golden yellow sand. I got onto my board and started to paddle. The waves were towering over me. CRASH!!!

It had hit me in a split second. There were some more murky, dark blue waves forming ahead of me. I frantically turned my board left, getting myself ready to catch a wave”.

By Alice T

“As l plunged into the freezing cold water with my board, l could hear the waves splashing against the beach and the thump of my board as it hit the water. As l paddle out l felt the seaweed from the icy cold water from my fingertips. I paddled out, to a perfect wave, I could see the huge waves and smell the salty air. When I got back I saw a gigantic wave I paddled as fast as I could towards the shore when I turned I saw the wave curving about to hit me. I held my breath waiting for the perfect moment when the wave hit – whoosh! suddenly my board was speeding along towards the beach as fast as a rocket! The wave pushed me all the way to the beach and as soon as it stops I flopped off the board in exhaustion”

Surf Ed: An Enjoyable Day at Manly Beach

By Siena S: Stepping into the wonderful water

As I stepped into the warm water I felt the wonderful sensation of the water all around me, as I walked further into the water. I could smell the salt in the water. I could hear the crash of the waves and the screams from the kids around me. The water was warm but the waves were massive. I jumped onto my board and started paddling against the waves.

By Georgina S

“I hear the sound of the waves crashing in front of me.  I see tons of people wearing the same red rashi I am. I rush into the water, which is cold but enjoyable. I jump over the waves, which turns into white water. I get pushed back into shore by the next large wave. Running back to the sand, I grab a board and run back out again.The boards are so much fun because you feel so free. I jump onto the board and start paddling out. As I go over a wave, some water splashes over my face. After I rub my eyes free of the salty water, I look ahead and see a huge wave moving towards me. I turn my board around and start paddling to catch the wave in. The surf picks me up and I get ready to jump. Slowly, I rise. I’m doing it! I’m doing it! I lose my balance and fall into the the cool water, amazed that I actually stood up. Running back to shore, I drop my board and watch as the next group goes out. This was the highlight of my two days at Manly Beach Surf Skills”.

By Catherine M: My experience at surf skills!

“Splash! as I got into the water feeling the luscious breeze of wind running towards me.I got onto the board and could not believe my eyes I’m finally here I made it.

As I get out of the water I dive into the bright yellow sand and before my eyes, I am making a sandcastle and in a flash it’s my turn again. Eeeeeeee! I scream with excitement jumping up and down and before you know it I am puffed out.I get into the water and I take a big breath.At the end of the day I thought to myself I am now a officially experienced surf skills student! I am ready for next year”.