Transition to Compass

Thank you for your ongoing support during our transition to Compass. Compass is being used throughout the Broken Bay Diocese and a number of other Diocese across Australia. Compass has been designed for both High Schools and Primary Schools and as more primary school begin using it additional features and updates are being added.

You  may have noticed that the app has several features such as attendance, events, reports and news items. You can also access the ‘Parent Guide to Compass’ through your app located in the drop down menu of the star here:-

When an event is sent out you will receive an email and/or notification and it will appear in your Action Centre. Once you have given permission for an event you can still view events in the Events tab as below:-

   < Upcoming Events

I appreciate that this is a new procedure and when Compass is viewed on a phone it is not the easiest app to navigate.  We have given feedback to our Compass Support people and we do anticipate this will improve in time.

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