Urgent Information: Kiss & Ride Procedures

Recently there was an accident on the Keeler Hardware Corner during the afternoon Kiss & Ride. The accident was one that I had long anticipated happening. The complaints from our neighbours, the council rangers, our parents and teachers about the dangerous nature of the continued habit of illegal double parking in Forsyth Street by parents has now come to a head. At the recent P & F meeting it was decided that we would take proactive steps to try to get a more legal and considerate use of the Kiss & Ride area or we would need to close it.

Kiss & Ride Procedures (please open link here)

To help us all get on the same page I have written a complete procedure with detailed pictures showing the legalities of the area and a consideration regarding turning right into Alexander St. Kiss and Ride is available till 3:35pm and I would encourage you to delay your arrival at Kiss & Ride till after 3:25pm when possible.

If we can all cooperate we can make this work and avoid creating dangerous situations for other drivers or pedestrians.

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