Vinnies Christmas Appeal

It’s almost Advent. As in previous Years, St Thomas’ Catholic School is participating in St Vincent de Paul’s Christmas appeal. All items will be donated directly to the homeless on our streets.

Below are the allocated item for your child’s class to bring in.

KB: Toothpaste

KY: Toothbrushes

1B: 2 minute noodles (already brought in Term 3 – no more donations needed)

1Y: Hand sanitiser

2B: Mens socks

2Y: Womens socks

3B: Mens underwear

3Y: Muesli bars

4B: Womens underwear

4Y: Small non-perishable snack packs eg. cheese and crackers.

5: Shampoo & conditioner

6B: Roll on deodorant

6Y: Mens razors

We will be collecting the boxes on Monday the 10th of December (Week 9)

Thank you from the Social Justice team.